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Data of one’s Department away from Belongings Operations, 1946-64; brand new Expansion and you may Borrowing Department, 1930-55; and the Branch out of Credit, 1936-56

Data of one’s Department away from Belongings Operations, 1946-64; brand new Expansion and you may Borrowing Department, 1930-55; and the Branch out of Credit, 1936-56

Textual Suggestions (within the Seattle): Subject data of your Urban area Movie director, 1946-57. Data files of your Assistant Town Movie director for Government, 1946-52. Information of one’s regional construction designers, 1935-44; and you will management communications of the Framework Branch, 1946-61. Celilo, Otherwise, moving ideas, 1940-64. Records based on Western Oregon Indians, along with info of the Assistant City Director regarding termination out of West Oregon people, 1954-60; individual instance data files towards unallotted Western Oregon Indians, 1915-56; and you can facts regarding the West Oregon wisdom money prize, 1955-59, together with applications to own shares, ancestor folders and you can appeals, and declined apps. Information concerning the Tillamook-Nehalem wisdom finance, 1964-68, also apps to own shares and you may denied applications and appeals. Programs to generally share on the Paiute (Malheur) view finance, 1964-70. Suggestions relating to the Klamath Group, plus documents regarding the cancellation of the group amassed from the the Assistant Area Manager for Tips, 1951-61, together with Secretary City Manager having Neighborhood Services, 1953-59; personal Indian instance data, 1957-65; and you may facts concerning the 1965 socioeconomic position of one’s group, 1960-65.

Info according to possessions, in addition to documents of Realty Division, 1947-65; legislation documents of the Realty Part and predecessors, 1935-61; real-estate appraisals, 1956-57, of one’s Klamath Group, individually possessed Klamath real estate, and West Oregon property; and you may selling facts away from Klamath real-estate, 1955-60. Industrial development telecommunications, 1958-72. Case documents on the Grand Ronde, Siletz, and you may Roseburg allottees, 1894-1956. Land exchange circumstances files, 1946- 65. Microfilm copy away from personal Indian probate case files, ca. Facts based on irrigation, along with data files of one’s Area Irrigation Professional, 1946-59; endeavor instance data, 1911-60; account, 1904-44; management and you will project circumstances records getting Irrigation Area 2, 1911-35; enterprise instance data files to own Irrigation Region 4; details of your Section 4 Farming Economics Tool, 1916-46; venture situation records to possess Irrigation Areas 5, 6, and you will seven, 1907-46; accounting suggestions out-of discontinued organizations, 1915-46; and ideas relating to courtroom instances to your irrigation things, 1908-65.

Facts in accordance with forest, also data files of your own Local Forester, 1915-64, in addition to Area Forester, 1947-66; ideas regarding the appeal of the Aloha Wooden Co. Financing situation files to possess personal Indians, ca. Jurisdiction data of your Town Highway Professional, 1952-61; highway build price case documents, 1952-65; and you may details of your own Roadway Professional for Section 5, 1937-52. Ideas according to path ideas, 1950-73. Data files of your own Tribal Surgery Department, 1934-67. Tribal process provider data, 1972. Tribal council moments, 1944-65. Finalized circumstances data towards Tribal Lawyer contracts, 1950-58. Tribal lawyer deals, 1977-82.

Data of your Extension and Borrowing Office in the Salt River Town, UT, 1931-46; and you will Spokane, WA, 1935-46

Information based on Indian Says Payment claims and you may prizes, 1951-76. Situation documents for the traders permits, 1949-59. Administrative data files of your own Work Advice Department, 1958-66. Private case data files for the relocation,1955-68, payday loans in Mississippi and you may work guidance, 1955-73. Details of one’s Department of The police, 1965-70. Files of your own Town Education Officer, 1934-64. Scholar case data, 1960-72. Records out-of medical administrators regarding Section dos, 1931-42, and you can Area step three, 1938-42. Records of the Urban area Societal Worker, 1938-58. Ideas out-of for each capita repayments, 1961-72.

Photos (350 photo, inside the Seattle): Indian reservations in the Pacific Northwest; Northwest and California woods; and you can ramifications of controlled burning, 1938-66. Select Together with .

Annual accounts out of borrowing issues, 1947-56

Textual Facts (from inside the San francisco): Coded subject information, 1900- 56. Assortment management accounts, 1953-66. Town purpose communications, 1950-70. Coded program information of your own Property Businesses Office, 1933-57, while the Area Forester, 1932-52. Town Forester’s grazing rental records, 1943-61. Situation data to your land purchases, 1909-56. Residential property allowance ideas, 1949-65. Info based on Agua Caliente Ring allotments, 1948-51. Irrigation project situation data files, 1909-58. Irrigation and liquids rights data, 1968-69. Irrigation engineering records, 1942-66. Ideas away from highway plans, 1933-59, and you will irrigation ideas, 1955-67. Project workbooks of your own Ways Place of work, 1936-42. For every capita money information, 1950-53. Reimbursable purchases accounts, 1950-56. Circumstances data files to your moving, knowledge, and you can a career recommendations, 1936-72. Tribal roll cards, 1933, 1955. Health and interests details, 1943-52. Suggestions per registration during the Indian boarding schools, 1951- 53. Personal Indian currency (IIM) membership ledgers, 1946-71. IIM membership special deposit handle sheet sets, 1946-62. Sherman Institute pupil IIM account, 1951-52. Various monetary ideas, 1953-68. Ca wisdom move, 1928. California judgment subscription application case records, 1937-72. Tribal budget ideas, 1950-68. Tribal class records, 1909-72. Special deposit ledgers, 1946-70. Facts off affairs that have communities looking Indians, 1940-64. Records of the Realty Work environment, as well as coded program suggestions, 1933-57; local rental and you will team agreements, 1948-60; and you can farming and you may grazing lease information, 1945- 61.